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We help when there is no common language

We offer professional interpreting and translating services to companies, various authorities and individuals. Our employees are language professionals who have the relevant skills and experience to meet any challenges.

An unbiased attitude is highly important in interpreting. Our interpreters facilitate discussions between people from different cultures and language groups.

We have translators in over 100 different languages!

Discover our wide range of languages!

We have a network of hundreds of interpreters and translators, from which we choose the most suitable person for each assignment.

We are an innovative, expansive company willing to respond to different challenges and we want to develop our operations in new areas.

We respond quickly to growing needs.



Our interpreters are educated and professionals in their field. We can organise a telephone interpretation or provide an interpreter to come to you within very short notice.




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When you need text translated, we provide professional translators for different fields and languages.

We translate brochures, announcements, web pages, certificates and official documents etc. We also offer high quality proof-reading services for several different languages.

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