About us

Länsi-Suomen Tulkkipalvelu was founded in 2008. The founder and chairman of the company, Abdullahi Rage also works as an interpreter within the company when required.

We have a network of hundreds of translators and interpreters from which we choose the most suitable person for the job at hand.

We are an innovative and expanding company which enjoys working in challenging situations and moving into new territories. We are quick to react to a growing demand.

Our story

We combine the dream of a better way to work and a strong sense of know-how. The founder, Abdullahi Rage,wanted to create a service concept that is clear to both clients and employees.

"After working in interpreting and translation for 15 years as a nationwide immigration coordinator, instructor, lecturer, multicultural trainer, peer-support group instructor as well as a trainer in an adult education centre, I've noticed that a culturally sensitive way of communicating is often non-existent when the client is an immigrant. For this reason, we want to make modern interpretation and translating services available to everyone in Finland."

The demand soon escalated from translation and interpretation to include consulting and education services. The positive feedback from clients encouraged the company to progress and today, training and education services are tailored to suit each customer's needs.


Länsi-Suomen Tulkkipalvelu
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